93% of commerce is offline

Yet the challenge remains on how to track someone from an online ad to an offline purchase.  We've developed an elegant solution, in partnership with the card associations, that enables any website, app or service to track a transaction at any offline merchant in under 1 minute.  The best part is it's frictionless for both the merchant and the consumer because it's powered using something we all already use, a debit or credit card. 



no friction 

A beautiful user experience is one that removes friction and brings joy to the user.  With Empyr, consumers simply pay with any linked debit or credit card and instantly get rewarded.  Merchants don't need to install equipment or software or even train employees.  It all happens automagically.



PRofits and purpose

The fundraiser program empowers consumers and merchants alike to raise money for what matters to them.  Our members have raised money for everything from large charities to medical bills for family members.  Our sister company Mogl has a fundraiser for donating meals to local food banks and has donated over 750,000 meals.  



home base

Empyr was built with passion in beautiful San Diego, California.