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CPR - Header

Buy Customers, Not Ads.

Introducing CPR (cost per offline revenue): Advertise on the best websites and apps, only pay for in-store sales.

  • ✓  Advertise for free - No CPC or CPM

  • ✓  Over 175M monthly users on our publisher network

  • ✓  Pay only for offline sales: purchases tracked via card-linked technology

CPR - How it Works


CPR - How it Works

No impressions. No clicks. Only sales.

Empyr is an O2O commerce platform that leverages direct partnerships with Visa, MasterCard and American Express to enable real-time card-linked tracking of offline transactions, finally closing the loop in online-to-offline attribution.  

Advertise Online

The best websites and apps market your stores to customers who are nearby

Customer Buys from You

Customers make in-store purchases which are tracked through debit & credit cards

You Only Pay for Revenue

The impressions and clicks are free. You only pay for the revenue generated from in-store sales.

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