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Living Social

Living Social partnered with Empyr to bring a new type of local offer to their 40 million consumers. With Living Social's new Restaurants Plus program, powered by Empyr, consumers earn cash-back at restaurants simply by paying with any linked credit or debit card. Earning revenue for Living Social and cash-back for their consumers without the friciton of coupons.

See it live: Restaurants Plus

The simple, frictionless solution Empyr has developed for online to offline commerce is a game changer.
Chad Crutchfield, Living Social


Microsoft partnered with Empyr to add local merchants to their Microsoft Earn program. Consumers Earn Credits at selected Empyr merchants, and these Earn Credits are then used for cashback on anything the member purchases from the Microsoft Store. The Microsoft Earn program is 100% digital and frictionless for its’ members, including real-time notifications via text and email with each earn and each redemption. It increases revenue and consumer lifetime value for Microsoft and for participating merchants.

See it live: Earn by Microsoft

We're proud to work with Empyr to close the loop of online to offline commerce.
Neal Bernstein, Microsoft

Virgin America

Virgin America partnered with Empyr to create a frictionless way for consumers to earn Elevate points by making purchases at offline merchants with any linked debit or credit card. Consumers love the ease of use and Virgin loves being able to provide their customers with a free way to earn points that also drives business into local merchants.

See it live: Virgin & Mogl Partnership


Facebook worked with Empyr to see how consumers responded to nearby offline offers in their feed, such as get $5 cash-back at Jack In The Box. Closing the loop of an online consumer making an in-store purchase is a top priority for Facebook. Empyr's technology helps with offline attribution while also giving Facebook users cash-back which increases engagement.

Empyr fills a clear gap in the market, matching online supply and offline demand efficiently.
P.J. Linarducci, Facebook